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Our UK headquarters 

Situated in the diamond district of Hatton Garden, in the heart of bustling London

About Us

For more than 50 years EID has been providing the widest array of top quality industrial diamond stones, natural and synthetic diamond powders to the trade.

With its headquarters in London, England, and worldwide marketing partners, EID has established a global reputation for quality consistency and superior service.

Today EID has customers on every continent. Our sales team speaks more than 10 dialects but we all speak the same language - the right product at the right price when and where you require it.

Machining, sawing , grinding ,lapping , drilling and finishing with diamond abrasives has become increasingly sophisticated. Customers are demanding a wider range of products. In order to achieve a quality and cost effective package, EID has responded to this challenge by offering a wide array of products, engineered for every application from the least to the most demanding.


Our state of the art production facility in high-tech nation Israel

- our alliance with Delstar, manufacturing exclusively for E.I.D

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