At E.I.D, total quality management is more than a slogan, it's a way of life. For more than 50 years, our company has built a reputation for supplying the right quality at the right price. In order to maintain our rigid quality standards, E.I.D uses a variety of sophisticated measuring and production systems.


Our micron QC guarantees the tightest possible particle size distribution within every batch, we use a wide range of processes designed to ensure that customers receive a consistent finish and removal rates in every batch.


In order to enhance the surface purity of our Micron Powders, E.I.D uses a variety of electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal treatments to purify crystals. Thanks to the purity of our product, dry powders flow freely and mix well with resins and liquid carriers. In fact, E.I.D powders are selected by leading slurry manufacturers for their consistent quality and purity. E.I.D Micron Diamond Powder is the answer for all types of diamond tooling.

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope "Seeing is believing", and EID offers customers SEM photos of its orders.In addition to the quantitative analysis provided by the wide range of EID measuring equipment, these SEM images allow you to "examine" your shipment of EID Micron Diamond powders, and compare batches.


The mastersizer 2000 is the equipment of choice when measuring particles in the range 0-10 microns. It can be used for a wide variety of samples, for both wet and dry measurement modes. A fully automated measurement is provided for professional users. The mastersizer has the ability to present a well dispersed homogeneous sample to the laser beam ,at an appropriate concentration and with a minimum of bias. This sample dispersion is the key to quality particle size success ,and for achieving optimal measurement ,with great consistency ,batch after batch. All data is recorded in the software provided ,facilitating easy access to measurement data ,and allowing EID to retrieve customers PSD records on any sample measured.


EID uses the ELZONE ELECTRON SCANNING technique to count and measure more than 50,000 particles in less than a minute. We can produce mean, median and mode volume diameter measurements which ensure that every batch meets the most demanding specifications. We determine the ideal median mix for every customer and tailor deviation-free orders to his specification. A Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is available with each and every shipment.

elzone option 2.jpg

Using laser scattering analysys with sophisticated computer software makes the Horiba the choice for accurate consistent particle data retrieval. The Horiba along with the software allows the manufacture and end user to see a complete breakdown of all needed data to insure product specs and consistency.