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CVD For Dressing

Our dressing logs are created using DC arc Plasma Jet technology. This process produces a much higher thermal conductivity product than those produced by other techniques and our high growth rates does not compromise the quality of our products. For high speed dressing operations this is critical. High fracture strength and thermal conductivity, combined with high thermal oxidation resistance and high fracture toughness makes it the product of choice for high performance dressing tools.


CVD diamond dresser blanks delivered by EID is suitable for all dresser types - single point, multipoint, blade, rotary, roller etc. The dresser size is determined by the application and all dimensions can be delivered on request. Our blanks and laser cut CVD allows the optimum setting environment as demanded for all types of CVD tooling industrial applications, using traditional non-ferrous metal sintering. CVD diamond dressers can also e brazed onto a dresser body using an active brazed alloy in a non-oxidizing environment.


• Excellent thermal stability

• Diamond with no binder phase 

• High wear resistance to chipping and fracture

• Uniform wear resistance over the entire length of the dresser 

• Performance independent of dressing orientation


Our CVD diamond dresser is supplied as rectangular logs in various lengths and the cross-section dimensions. CVD diamond dresser products with almost all non-standard dimensions are available on request. It is available in our High grade HQ or SQ standard grade.

Cutting Tools

Due to the extraordinary high concentration of atomic hydrogen produced by the arc discharge, cutting tool blanks fabricated by DC arc Plasma Jet offer substantially higher thermal conductivity than those by other techniques even at a relatively high growth rate. Offering apparently favorable conditions for heavy load high speed cutting operations. Very low friction coefficient, higher fracture strength and fracture toughness. Our synthesis process and a state of the art quality control process, enables us to provide a comprehensive range of CVD diamond the for the dressing and cutting tools Industry.


• Excellent wear resistance for a longer cutting duration 

• Low friction coefficient for reducing the processing machining heat 

• Perfect thermal conductivity for decreasing the temperature at the cutting edge 

• High fracture strength and toughness for spiccato cutting 

• Better dimensional and thermal stability for achieving good cutting quality


CVD diamond cutting tools are widely used for cutting (machining) non-ferrous materials, ceramics, abrasive composites, high silicon-content aluminium alloy, graphite, and other difficult machining materials.

Thermal Management

One of the remarkable properties of diamond is its unsurpassed thermal conductivity, which is five times higher than that of copper. As we all know, heat is conducted by electrons in metal, however, lattice vibrations are the key factor for the high thermal conductivity of diamond. Due to the extraordinary high concentration of atomic hydrogen produced by the very high temperatures of the arc discharging, diamond films with high thermal conductivity can be easily obtained even at relatively high growth rate by DC Arc Plasma Jet. The thermal conductivity of our optical quality CVD diamond made by our company through DC Arc Plasma Jet approaches that of the natural type IIa diamond, 2000W/mK. Thermal conductivity can be tailored within the range of 800-2000 W/mK, and thus can be subdivided in to different quality grades to meet the different needs of our customers in different application fields. At present, CVD diamond made by our company is used as mounts for high-power integrated circuits, laser diodes, GaN on Diamond (GOD) and heat spreaders for satellite based electronic systems.

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