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Resin Bond Micron

Resin Bond

Resin Bond Micron - When soft polishing or lapping is required, EID Resin Bond Synthetic Diamond powders offer the friability, mosaic structure and irregular blocky particle shape required to get the job done. Under stress, the diamond grain fractures, creating new levels of sharp cutting points. In Resin Bond Wheels, EID Resin Bond Synthetic Diamond powders offer fast cutting without particle loss for improved performance.



ERD-um [blocky]

This blocky resin bond micron has high surface toughness and tightly graded particles.

It is ideal for a wide range of resin bond wheels and tools. Effective for soft polishing and grinding of ceramics, carbides, glass and other hard materials where excellent surface finish is required.

ERD-UM blocky.jpg

Size Range

Resin Bond Micron-SIZE CHART.png.png
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