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(Monocrysatlline Diamond)

Developed using HPHT technology (high pressure, high temperature), the manufacture of synthetic monocrystalline diamond is achieved by combining a mixture of carbon and transitional metals at very high pressures and temperatures. 


Excellent thermal conductivity and good wear resistance & repeatability of chemical, physical and thermal characteristics.

Shapes available

Topped octahedron shapes, rhombic-dodecahedron shape or simply plate like crystals.




The rough synthetic stones are carefully sorted into various qualities and grades. Each grade reflects either our grade 1 flawless crystal or grade 2 & 3 with various levels of internal inclusions.

Chemical and physical properties


Typical MCD products from our range

Dimensions available are all sizes up to 8mm x 8 mm x 1.60-1.70 mm


Our MCD is supplied in 100 orientation ( 4 point diamond ) 

The required dimensions always depend on the customer’s application. In general EID delivers diamonds with diameters up to 5 mm. The weight is shown in carats

Types of Mono Crystal Diamond Cutting Tools 


Here are some typical mono crystal cutting tools 

Mono crystal diamond cutting tools are suitable for processing many materials: 

including gold, silver, copper, copper alloys, aluminum, aluminum alloys, beryllium alloys, oxygen-free copper (OFC), electroless nickel, graphite, glass, plastic, ceramics, unsintered cemented carbide, Various fiber and particle reinforced composite materials, rubber and various wear-resistant wood (especially solid wood and plywood, MDF and other composite materials) 

Advantages Of MCD Cutting Tools 

• High hardness and wear resistance 

• High efficiency and low cost 

• High surface finish can be obtained on your workpiece 

Mono-crystal diamond tools are often used for machining high - precision parts with mirror finish. The mono-crystal diamond tools can achieve excellent cutting edge by grinding .The surface finish can reach 0.025 micron or higher. 

Applications of Mono Crystal Diamond Tools 

Optical industry: Optical lenses, (aspheric) spherical lenses, optical glass, optical molds, mirrors, etc. 

Printing industry: roller mould. 

Automotive industry: night driving optical system, projection lights, aluminum alloy wheels. 

3C industry: mobile phone outer mirror / button mirror / torch outer mirror, computer hard disk substrate, Electronic appliances: computer hard disk substrate . 

Defense industry / aerospace: navigation gyro for missiles. 

New materials: ceramics, engineering plastics. 

Medical equipment: contact lenses, accelerator electron guns.

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