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Electroless Coating - Our Nickel and Copper coating improves bond retention and assists the transfer of heat from the grinding area, minimizing localized overheating and avoiding thermal degradation of both the diamond and the bond. This results in extended crystal and bond life. While our standard coating is 30%,56%,60%, our electroless range can be coated to any percentage, as required by the client.

Metallic PVD Coating - Upon demand we can coat all our diamond and CBN range with the following coatings:
Ti - titanium, Tic - titanium carbide, TiN - titanium nitride, TiCN - titanium carbo nitride,
Si - Silicon carbide, Cu - Copper, Chrome Nickel, Cr - chromium carbide,
Zr - Zirconium, Al - aluminium, AIN - Aluminium nitride.




For wire slicing applications, whereby smooth nickel is required. Holds controlled iron and phosphorus levels.

Sizes: Available in all mesh sizes from 20/25 down to 400/500

 Available in micron sizes from 40/60um down to 4/6um

Coating %: Traditionally 30%, 56%, 60%. Can be coated to any % upon request.

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