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Natural Series

tough by nature

Natural Mesh - Natural diamond has established itself as the substance of choice in many industrial sawing, drilling, machining and lapping applications because of its hardness, crystal structure and above all its thermal properties. When compared to synthetic grit, natural diamond grit withstands much higher temperatures without the protection of any coating, as well as being more free-cutting due to its natural sharpness.

Natural Tool Stones

12-60 Mesh





A specially engineered natural diamond abrasive, consisting of super blocky well shaped crystals. Its thermal properties allow exposure to very high temperatures without affecting its crystal strength. Its sharp cutting edges make it ideal for the drilling and sawing of concrete, reinforced plastics, masonry and marble. Ideal for electroplating tools.

NS 100 P





This the flagship product of the EID Natural diamond range is a strong engineered blocky natural diamond abrasive, free of all metal inclusions. Its sharp cutting edges make it ideal for use in free cutting diamond tools and dental burs. For use in the drilling and grinding of glass, ceramics, plastics, tungsten carbide. For electroplated and metal bonds.

MB 100 P

60-500 Mesh


All EID Natural saw diamond, NS-100-P, NS-1-P, and NS-1-S are available in sizes 16/18, 18/20, 20/25, 20/30,25/30, 30/35, 30/40, 35/40, 35/45, 40/45, 40/50, 45/50, 45/60, 50/60,50/70.
All EID wheel diamond, MB-100-P, MB-1-P, MB-1-S are available in sizes: 60/70, 60/80, 70/80, 80/100, 100/120, 120/140, 140/170, 170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400 and 400/500. 

For natural microns please refer to the “Natural-micron” product page.

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