At E.I.D, supplying consistent quality products is a way of life. Throughout every step of the production process, all our Mesh products undergo the strictest quality inspection and analysis. Our goal is to ensure that every batch we supply precisely matches the specifications demanded by you, our customer.


EID has developed its own Image Analysis technology to study mesh and micron diamond powder particle size and shapes. A powerful operating system captures high resolution images which are then analyzed using E.I.D - commissioned software that measures the diameter size and shape factor of the particles.


The objective of the T.i test is to determine the strength of the diamond after going through controlled crushing of the particles. The idea is that the more particles stay at their original size – the tougher the original crystal.

T.i - Toughness Index.jpeg
Electroformed Sieves.jpg

These are the sieves that test our sieves. They are used to ensure our sieves are still working at their optimal performance level. All E.I.D Mesh powders are sieved according to FEPA/ASTM standard sieving procedures using electroformed sieves (FEPA, ANSI B74.16 and ISO 6106). This process helps us ensure consistently graded, uniformly distributed powders.


The T.T.i test indicates the heat resistance of our diamonds. Thermal stability of diamond grits is an important factor since it directly influences the production efficiency, strength, tool life and cost. The higher the T.T.i value – the stronger the crystal.

T.T.i - Thermal Toughness Index.jpg

International Mesh grit comparison chart

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