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Resin Bond

Resin Bond-Mesh - EID range of resin bond mesh is used in resin bond diamond wheels and in a wide range of non-ferrous metal grinding applications. All offering a multi-crystalline mosaic structure, rough surface, and uniform shape. The sharp edges generated during cutting, grinding, lapping and finishing offers consistent and unique characteristics resulting in a long life, fast cutting product throughout our range .


Friable  Grit

EDA 2023

This diamond abrasive consists of crystals of irregular shape. Its rough and mosaic structure ensures excellent bond retention and its controlled micro-fracturing properties have made it the product of choice in most high quality resin and vitrified bonds for the wet & dry grinding of tungsten carbide.
When ordering with nickel, order EDA 2023 - 30n, EDA 2023 - 56n. For copper EDA 2023-50c.

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EDA 2023


Our EDA Friable grit Series is available in sizes:
50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/100, 100/120, 120/140, 140/170, 170/200, 200/230, 230/270,270/325, 325/400 and 400/500.

COATING: Traditional Nickel Coating available in 30%,56%,60%, or in any other custom percentage, as required by the client. 

Refer to “Surface Enhancement–Coatings” page for additional information and types.

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