• PCBN is available in 74,61 and 51 mm discs

3-different EID PCBN Product Configurations


(Single PCBN-layer)

Blank Sizes

Diameter (mm): 51.0, 61.0, 74.0

Thickness (mm): 1.5, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2, 4.8


(Double PCBN-layer)

Blank Sizes

Diameter (mm): 51.0, 61.0, 74.0

Thickness (mm): 3.2, 4.8, 6.4


(Solid PCBN-layer)

Blank Sizes

Diameter (mm): 45.0, 55.0

Thickness (mm): 3.3, 5.0


The composition and mechanical properties of EID PCBN have been carefully chosen in order to optimise the cutting tool performance in targeted machining applications. This has been achieved during synthesis, by varying the CBN volume%, the CBN grain size, and the chemical composition of the matrix.

High CBN-content PCBN

Low CBN-content PCBN

EID PCBN Cutting Tool Product Application Areas.

The range of workpiece materials that EID PCBN can successfully machine is constantly ex-panding, but the main material groups are: 

  1. Hardened steels

  2. Hard facing alloys

  3. Chilled cast iron

  4. Pearlitic grey cast irons 

  5. Sintered iron

  6. Superalloys e.g. Inconel 718

  7. Powder metal e.g. automotive valve seats 


• finish machining difficult grey cast irons (milling) and hardened steels


• severe interrupted turning of hardened steels and die steels


• continuous & interrupted turning on hardened steels and valve seat


• turning applications (both continuous and interrupted) of hardened steels and cast irons for superior surface finish


 • finish turning on case hardened steels and crank shaft, cam shaft, and gears 

 • moderate interrupted hard turning, finish hard milling & high speed


continuous turning It gives an exceptional surface finish to workpiece and provides toughness to cutting tools 

• grooving cam shafts & surface milling (cold work tool steel)

• mild & slight interrupted turning of gear shafts 

EID PCBN Products 

Successful machining applications have been established in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries, and some examples are:

High CBN content PCBN 

  ETN10, ETN16


       • gray cast iron cylinder boring (GG 20/25) 

       • nodular cast iron tuning (GGG50, 38-42 HRC with good cylindricity & higher feed rates than other tools) 


       • brake drum tuning (GG20) 

       • TiAl6V4 exceptionally good for tuning applications 

       • internal gear tuning with very good surface finish 

       • ball nose end milling (CF53, 62HRC) with extremely high edge-stability and better surface quality 

       • sintered geared tuning (SK72-01, 60HRC) 


Low CBN content PCBN 

  ETN35C, ETN35N, ETN40C, ETN45N, ETN45C, ETN55N 

E.I.D offers top quality Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) blanks in 3 different product configurations;
Single layer PCBN with a WC substrate, Double layer PCBN with WC intermediate layer, and Solid PCBN.

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