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EID E-CVD 2 point and 4 point SINGLE CRYSTAL CVD Diamond (MCG Mechanical Grade) 

After nearly 4 decades of stop-start research into CVD diamond growth, microwave plasma enhanced CVD diamond synthesis emerged as a commercial synthesis method in the 1990s. The growth rates and control over purity of this method lends itself to manufacturing high quality, free-standing, single crystals diamond. 

EID is involved with the manufacture of single crystal diamond products for the mechanical optical and electronics industries. 

• EID has engineered Lab Grown Diamond plates suitable for demanding applications, which opens up the possibility of exploiting the excellent optical and thermal properties of Grown Diamonds in a consistently engineered material without compromising other aspects of device performance. 

• CVD Plates are available in various dimensions and thickness. Grown Diamond plate offers a very wide spectral range (spanning the UV to the THz), with low absorption coefficients at key laser frequencies, it has a very high thermal conductivity enabling any heat absorbed to be dissipated, and it has a low thermal expansion coefficient, limiting any thermally generated strain

Mechanical Grade ECVD transparent white EID CVD
MCG single crystal cvd diamond 
Orientation 2 point or 4 point
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal expansion coefficient
Specific Heat Capacity
Young Modulus
CVD 2.jpg
cvd 4.jpg
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